Rosary Catholic Primary School

Rosary Catholic Primary School
Rosary Catholic Primary School

“Very exciting... you have fun here!”
- Alejandro

“We respect each other like a family”
- Megan

“Coming here will give you a good education is an amazing school”
- Charlotte

“The Rosary School is a fantastic place... It's a peaceful paradise for learning”
- Laurance

“When I joined in Y1 everyone was accepting and made me feel welcome”
- Abraham

“I don't want to leave because of the great memories I have made here”
- Hannah

“Everyone treats each other like an equal”
- Grace

“We are like one big family, who achieve the best!”
- Toby

“ achieve high levels and get lots of support”
- Findlay

Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School Life at Rosary Catholic Primary School




Welcome to Reception Class!

YR Bob

Bob says "hello"

Our teacher is Mrs Williams

Our early years teaching assistant is Mrs Cave

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Wilson

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Yellow Group


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Infant Nativity Dec 2016 (19 images)

Created: 13 Dec 16 16:54 | Last modified: 13 Dec 16 17:07

YR Autumn Term 2016 (48 images)

We have been making new friends and enjoying school.

Created: 16 Nov 16 19:28 | Last modified: 18 Nov 16 13:10

YR Our First Forest School Session (22 images)

Created: 18 Nov 16 12:45 | Last modified: 18 Nov 16 12:50

Remembrance YR walk to Park Gardens (20 images)

In October 1927, ten years after the death of his only son in the war Sidney Park gave Park Gardens to the people of Stroud as a memorial to those who died. He expressed his hope that young and old in years to come would enjoy health, rest, pleasure and enjoyment from visiting the gardens.

Created: 12 Nov 14 21:46 | Last modified: 16 Nov 16 19:21

St.Laurence's Christmas Tree Festival (18 images)

Today YR walked up the hill, through town to visit St. Laurence's Church Christmas Tree Festival. Thank you Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Wythe for inviting us and parishioners for welcoming us. We listened to poetry, looked at the beautifully decorated trees and thought about our hopes and wishes before saying a prayer.

Created: 3 Dec 15 17:56 | Last modified: 3 Dec 15 18:00

Children in Need Super Heroes (12 images)

Created: 18 Nov 15 10:49 | Last modified: 18 Nov 15 10:52

Learning New Skills (6 images)

In PE today we learnt how to use playground equipment and improved our skills for skipping, football, hopscotch and hula hoops.

Created: 10 Nov 15 20:46 | Last modified: 10 Nov 15 20:51

YR Rugby World Cup Week (10 images)

We have been learning new skills in PE this week. We have been practising passing, throwing, catching, kicking and we played a game of scarf tag. The winners catch the most scarves.

Created: 1 Oct 15 19:23 | Last modified: 1 Oct 15 19:31

First days at school (23 images)

We have been very busy playing with our new friends.

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We can reccommend this story book about starting school:-

book cover whiffy wilson ISBN-13 9781408325865

Our Autumn topic is Rhythm and Rhyme

We are learning about Nursery Rhymes

 Jack and Jill

 Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.
Up Jack got and home he ran as fast as he could caper.
He went to bed to mend his head with vinegar and brown paper.
Can you finish the rhyme?
Humpty Dumpty sat in a tree ...
Mary Mary
 Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row.